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Project title: Strengthening of Internationalisation Policies at Universities in Serbia

Acronym: SIPUS

Duration: 3 years

Scope: International

Type: Structural Measures - Governance Reform

The Project addresses the process of internationalisation of Serbian HE as the one that requires immediate national and institutional response and joint action. Enabling national HE bodies and HEIs to strategically manage internationalisation in the provision of education, research, mobility and services are regarded to be the Project’s overall objective and the main underpinning of Serbia’s accountable and complementary role in EHEA and ERA.

The Project's key target groups are Serbian academics, researchers, students and administrators who are participating or wish to participate in international collaboration. The qualitative leap in the process of internationalisation they will benefit from stems from the Project's main outcomes:

  1. Creating and implementing national legislative that has been lacking to date: Accreditation Standards for Joint and Double degrees, National Strategy of Internationalisation of Higher Education and Research and National Strategy of Academic Mobility and Recognition of Degrees (in line with the Serbian Strategy of Educational Development by 2020).
  2. Creating and implementing individual university strategies on internationalisation and academic mobility along with coherent institutional measures capable of steering internationalisation, improving institutional capacities for the growing participation in international projects and strengthening the process of internal integration of Serbian universities.

Through partnering with a large international company in Serbia, the Project addresses the link between employability and internationalisation, so as to raise public awareness of competences valued in the domestic and global labour markets. The Project will transfer tailor-made know-how, best practices and expertise from the EU partners to app. 150 members of the Serbian HE community (authorities, academics, students and staff) during the study visits and trainings and a much wider array of HE stakeholders during workshops and forums.